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I  worked with "Psychic Twins" Avalon and Raven on their radio shows, and refer clients to them when I'm too busy. 
Rev. Nancy Matz (Casey)
After 26 years of giving psychic readings, I've noticed more than 50% of my clients are asking me for assistance with their "Love Life." Life is complex enough. Truly a malfunctioning Love Relationship can disrupt, confuse and cause depression to every aspect of our lives. These are many of the reasons that prompted me to set up this web site and bring more assistance to all of you seeking a better balanced love relationship.
Avalon is the author of "Twin Souls." She had been giving accurate love readings for most of her life. She can tap into your lovers energy to find out why he/she does the things they do. A reading with her will feel like chatting with an old friend.
Raven is a 4th generation psychic. She has been giving readings for over 6 years. Her approach is honest and accurate. She can describe facial features and she is great with time-frames.
These two sites were set up to talk about dealing with Grief and the second one  a easy to look at, to send off to someone who wants to consider talking to me.
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Two Worlds: Developing Your Psychic Skills
Included is short bio of author Nancy Matz, her bout with Cancer and her pledge to God to do his work. Easy to read, pictures to explain psychic & time exploration, spirit drawings, paradox of free will vs. forecasting future, psychic time/distance readings, meeting of spirit woman and her connection to recent past-life regression.
Can't get motivated?
In an uncontrollable funk?
Feeling like there's a weight holding you down? Read of Debbie's struggle and awakening to her own power for success. Learn self-motivating tips and goals to apply to your life and for your own success story. A chapter dedicated to "Talking to our Angels" is a delicate balance of receiving help and exercising "Free Will."
BOOK CHAPTERS to be covered briefly in this site - (under construction daily!)

Wanting to Date Again?

Look Into a Mirror - Who are you?

Your Wish List
The next big step - letting friends know - stepping out.

The Blind Date or Work Mate Connection

The Long-Distance Relationship

A Soul Mate:

What is He/She Really Saying?

Issues - single? Ex-Spouses, Money, Truthfulness

You don't want to be alone at Holiday Times.

He/She promises to Leave His/Her Spouse Any Day Now

Meeting a Widow/Widower - Living Up to the Deceased Spouse

Understanding Synergy: How we are brought together

So - what did that last partnership teach you?

How our children are affected by our relationships.

Asking for Psychic or Detective Help
Marriage in your future?

Dealing with the Breakup or Divorce

Recently end a relationship - wanting to know why?

Why do you seek out the same personalities?

My family will not support my choices.

Recovery, Grief, Owning Responsibility

Allowing Time to Heal - to stay angry or to let go

Getting Back Into Dating Again!!!

She tells me, "I'm 83 in love and feeling like 13 years old again!"

Spirit Love and Sex!

Our Life Lesson is learning to Love.

At the end of your Life, no regrets
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Thanks, Nancy.  I am not sure if you wanted feedback or not, but I can't help answer your email.

You've described Beau to a "T"...down to the male energy and the "pretty boy" persona.  You're absolutely right, I do play the failure and the why's of the breakup over and over in my head...and now I realize it's because I WAS more mature than him and not as "young" spiritually as him.  I see now that we were not a good match, although at the time I would have begged to differ.

Looking back on things, and reading your response, makes me realize his was not the path I was meant to follow - and for that, I thank you.

You're always there for me,
I appreciate that so much. :)  Mrs. L
Bonnie just started a new job, we may be off a little longer while she adjust to her new schedule.
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Wanting to help your friends with their love relationships?  Are you also psychic - or want to know if you are?   I' have completed the Psychic, Mediumship and Ministry Certification for those interested in how to develop your gifts.  Go to
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Hello Nancy, 3-10-10

   How are you? Hope all is well. I wanted to touch base with you. Remember when you said I will met someone... tall and in uniform? well!!! I met this guy, he is 6 '1 and a border patrol agent. very nice and good to my kids.
   You also said we will be moving to Herford (I think that is the area you said) well he ('C' is his name) lives there and we go there often. The ex is still here though.. lol ugggg
   If this is the guy you saw me with then you were right on!!! amazing.
   Take care hope to hear back from you soon
"T" and Girls
Do You have questions on Dating, Living Together, Loving from a Distance, Engaged, Newly Married, Long-Time Married, Separating, Divorce, Rekindling an Old Flame, Lacking Love, Newly Widowed, Loving outside of Marriage and lastly (several cases) of having a Physical Relationship with a Deceased Lover.  Hopefully you find your answers in my forthcoming book on dating and having a successful relationship!
    I met you back in 1995 after my dad had passed and through him you helped to bring the love and laughter back into my heart.  You helped guide my path to find my Husband whom I am married to now by telling me to let go of my relationships with the past men and to just turn around and see my white haired man with whom I would love and laugh with for the rest of my life.     When I first met Tim I kept pushing him aside, telling him  he was in my way of finding my white haired man.   He stood firm and told me that even though he did not have white hair then, He was sure he was the white haired man I was suppose to  meet.   He now has a full head of white hair  And Yes, all my days are filled with love and laughter.       
     I thank you for putting me in the right direction. 
              Eloise, Phoenix
  I have figured out how to send MP3 of audio recordings on SKYPE.  Sending files through web is great, sound very good.
You do not need to sign up for SKYPE.  I have service to call your phone.
Remember this is a "GIFT" if there is a problem sending or receiving, this is God's will for you not to receive MP3. 
Love these songs! and especially these wonderful artists!
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"The Unwilling Sacrifice"
July 25th,  2013

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Carter’s dreams are wild, sensual and exhausting,
She awakens, freezing; opening her eyes – she is horrified –
She is outside in the mud and naked!